• Shared Server Management
  • Shared Server Management
First as a small start-up with just 2 system admins on staff, we have grown up rapidly to represent today a serious and well-known company that has given a good account of itself and its work.

Our techs have more than 7 years of experience, capable of providing level 1 to level 3 support and are well versed with the latest trends and technologies in the web hosting industry.

We currently manage more than 100 servers and VPS. Our system admins are second to none when it comes to managing web servers, tasks such as server migrations or trouble shooting problems with web, mail, database or DNS services are handled on a daily basis, hence we are capable of providing effective and accurate solutions to your problems as quickly as possible.

We are constantly enhancing our management approach and our "customer-company" interaction system.

We have come to this market with a serious purpose and for a long tenure, and we are interested in long-term partnership with our customers.

Our high-quality services, flexible policy, individual approach, and readiness to cooperation say a lot about our respect to customers and their needs.
  • We enjoy working with open technologies such as linux, apache, and other open source softwares, hardware and operating systems.
  • Software Security is of great importance to us and We consider ourselves to be well versed with all the latest security technology.
  • We keep up with what's going on in technology world.
  • We never make the same mistake twice.
  • We consider ourselves courteous and polite to people at all times. No matter how hard that gets.
  • Cpanel servers administration is our speciality. We have configured and managed 100's of shared, virtual and dedicated cpanel server.
  • We have studied cpanel deeply and we understand the system well enough to optimize and configure it to suit any environment.
  • Hands on experience on Linux Control Panels like Cpanel, Plesk.
OSS Tecnologies
  • Administration of Apache 1.x and 2.x web server and appropriate modules, including SSL support, PHP, compression and media streaming as well as optimizations for high performance application hosting.
  • Strong knowledge of DNS/DHCP protocols. Hands on experience with DNS servers including Bind.
  • Building LAMP without cPanel.
  • Building LAM and RoR.
  • In Depth knowledge of Subversion and GIT servers.
  • Installation configuration, optimization and administration of csf/lfd, exim, sendmail, ntp, nfs, clamav.
  • Good experience with Squid content acceleration server for small/medium enterprises.
  • Strong knowledge of SPAM/AntiSpam concepts. Implemented several anti spam gateways using different technologies.
  • Good Knowledge of Secure Remote Server Management.
  • Good Knowledge in VPN technologies
  • Strong knowledge of Linux server maintenance and operations, tuning for performance gain, and security.
  • Expert in TCP/IP based networks from design to troubleshooting and maintenance routines.
  • Debugging and Analyzing IP networks. Solving complicated IP problems in minimum time to eliminate network outage.
  • Hands on experience with all varients of linux and popular variants of unix.
  • Expert in network security design and implementation.
  • Hands on experience iptables, ipchains.
  • Expert in internet mail service, including SMTP / ESMTP, NNTP, POP3, IMAP4, SMPTs, POP3s, and IMAP4s protocols.
  • Experience with file sharing services including SMB, and NFS.
Server Monitoring

  • Expert in network management using SNMP, fault and performance monitoring using standard management software.
  • Familiar with SNMP Protocol, Nagios, including Nagios XI and configuring MRTG/RTG for Bandwidth Monitoring.

  • Hands on experience with end to end security.
  • Strong knowledge of HTTP/HTTPS protocol and application hosting on both Windows and UNIX platforms.
  • Auditing network security in order to find vulnerabilities and securing network.

  • Good Knowledge of RDBMS Servers like MySQL, MS SQL etc.
  • Experience in building and managing MySQL replication farms.
  • Mysql cluster setup.

  • Familiar with OS Virtualization using MS Virtual Server and VMware Technologies.
  • Experience in installing and managing VMware vSphere technology for virtulization.

  • PHP, Python, Bash, Android
Property Software

  • Experience in administration of Wowza Media Server
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