*** STOP: 0x0000000c (0x00000000, 0xEB71092F, 0x00000008, 0xC0000000)
BAD_WEB_ADDRESS_NOT_HANDLED *** Address EB662040 at EB660000 Date Stamp 36B075CE ĘC Internet.sys
Tarissa failed to understand the request.
CPUID : Genuine Tarissa 3.14285714 irql:lf SYSVER 0xF0000565
Dll Base Date Stamp - Name
fe957002 336546bf - CrashInternet.dll
lol23456 334d3a53 - HackGoogle.exe
he957004 33013e6b - HackYahoo.bin
9010d066 336015af - TheInternetIsMine.exe
802bd000 33d844be - ChuckNorrisIsGod.dll
f9318000 31ec6c8d - DiggThis!@#$
f9468000 31ed868b - WatsonForLife.xls
f9358000 335bc82a - ActivateSkynet.exe
f947c000 31ec6c94 -
f9370000 33248011 - Resend_T-1000.dll
f9490000 31ec6c6d - MorePorn.exe
f90f0000 332480d0 - MegatronActivate.sys
Dll Base Date Stamp - Name
80010000 33247f88 - CrashInternet.dll
80007000 33248043 - HackGoogle.exe
800b5000 336016a2 - HackYahoo.bin
8038c000 33d84553 - TheInternetIsMine.exe
803e4000 33d84553 - ChuckNorrisIsGod.dll
f95c9000 31ec6c99 - DiggThis!@#$
f95ca000 335e60cf - WatsonForLife.xls
f9474000 3324806f - ActivateSkynet.exe
f95cb000 3373c39d -
fe9d7000 3370e7b9 - Resend_T-1000.dll
f93b0000 332480dd - MorePorn.exe
fe957000 3356da41 - MegatronActivate.sys
We tried very hard to find the page on the internet. It looks like Evil plans of Dr. Evil and Mini-me are behind this. We are working tirelessly to foil their plans and bring the internet back to its feet. Please contact us and provide more information. You are the resistance!